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In Italian, “pazzo” can mean crazy, mad for, and overly passionate.  At Pazzo di Vino, we are pazzo indeed – pazzo for wine!

And we know we are not alone.
Come join us if you are looking for crazy good wine
to complement your passion for great food and friends!

Let’s go pazzo!

Our Story

Pazzo di Vino’s story is really a story about a passion for wine that began generations ago, with the DiVito family mastering the craft of winemaking in the scenic hills just outside of the Eternal City, Rome. For countless generations, the DiVito family would work the vines on their land to create the wine that they would enjoy for the year. This was not an uncommon practice in that part of the world! In those days, there was little else to drink besides spring water and wine, so wine making was more about living than luxury. Wine just happens to also be luxurious, and great wines are the perfect thing to share with great friends and family.

Come on In!


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Or by appointment.
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Pazzo di Vino
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