Artificial grass – lawn.

Artificial grass (sports and decorative artificial grass)

Artificial grass is one of the most controversial materials, still causing emotional controversy between supporters and opponents of its use. However, sales of artificial turf are growing steadily, and even Ukraine, which Jawbone Up24 Review Un excellent tracker de fitness avec style et confort – CNET, has never had much interest in this coverage, is confidently starting to catch up with other countries. Today, buying artificial grass is as easy as a roll of linoleum – you just need to order it in our store, open the grass catalog and select the material you need, and your lawn will acquire a fresh and, which is especially valuable, unchanging look.

Five minutes of information.

Lawn grass is a very picky thing and in our harsh conditions its use is not always justified. Literally a few winters and your lawn will be overgrown with bald patches the size of a car, with which nothing really can be done. Plus, live grass needs to be cut regularly – not a pleasant Sunday morning activity.

The decorative lawn is devoid of these disadvantages. It is based on polypropylene pile fiber on a substrate of the same material. The length of the pile can vary from 6 to 100 mm, which allows this coating to be used in different situations.

The price policy of artificial turf (Kiev) is higher than the cost of an ordinary lawn, but it also has much more advantages.

Good news.

Let’s forget about such a factor as cost for a while and turn to the more pleasant properties of this material:

The artificial grass is durable. Such a lawn can be used constantly, it does not trample, does not fade in the sun, and is resistant to temperature extremes. Artificial turf does not require watering or mowing – almost a key factor (at least for most homeowners). This grass is hygroscopic and promotes drainage by preventing puddles from forming.

It looks no worse than natural, and its color scheme is not limited to one green color, which is very important for playgrounds. It is great for sports: gymnastics, football, tennis. If necessary, it can be quickly dismantled and moved to another location without compromising its appearance.

Ornamental grass is a new generation of lawns.

In the assortment of our online store you will find artificial turf for any need. For home use, we recommend using grass with a medium pile (up to 40 mm) – this is enough to give your lawn a presentable look, and your children – ideal conditions for outdoor play.

For tennis courts, grass with a short nap is suitable – mm. The short pile can also be used for decorating conservatories and galleries. Yes, artificial turf is often used indoors, especially when it comes to verandas with access to fresh air.

Long-pile grass is more suitable for soccer fields. Thanks to the long pile, this coating protects players from injuries in the event of falls – this is very important for football, especially when children enter the field.

With a material such as artificial turf, the price always gives in to a heap of advantages. Yes, this material is not cheap – for 1 sq. you can buy a few meters of such a lawn. And you can also plant seeds, and, like a real peasant, prepare the soil for sowing, and then grow the sown for a long time and persistently, constantly remembering the likelihood of failure.

And then repeat the procedure every few years, while not forgetting to regularly mow the grown.

If such a fascinating prospect does not bother you, then go for it. We believe that a normal person is obliged to make every effort to facilitate their own leisure. That’s what technical progress is for, isn’t it?