How much does it cost to create a website

Today there are a huge number of performers who are ready to take on the development of your site. The colossal difference in the cost of the same project for different performers is striking, because the price of the site starts at $ 100 and ends with cosmic figures.

In this article, we will tell you about the pricing of the site, its components, the tricks that developers resort to, additional options, and we will help you determine the cost of your site so that you get exactly what you expect from the contractor.

The price of websites in 2021 on a turnkey basis, depending on their type.

Pricing in this matter requires an individual approach, since, despite the general requirements for the product, sites are used for their own purposes, which may vary from client to client. If you do not go into the details of pricing, you can familiarize yourself with our pricing procedure in the table below.

Site type Price Terms Landing page from UAH 8,000 from 1 week Business card website from UAH 14,000 from 2 weeks Website catalog from UAH 14,000 from 2 weeks WordPress site from UAH 14,000 from 2 weeks Company website from UAH 25,000 from 3 weeks Online store on OpenCart from 56 000 UAH from 4 weeks Online store from 70 000 UAH from 10 weeks.

Customer questions about the cost of sites.

Site cost components.

So, in order to determine the cost of a site, it is certainly necessary to understand what components, stages and types of work the process of creating a site consists of, because its cost, as in any other area, is determined by the amount of work performed by a specialist, which in turn is converted during, spent on development.

Below is a list of components and stages of work that affect the cost of the site:

hosting domain design layout implementation programming testing.

Hosting payment.

Permanent subscription fee for the service of hosting and storing your site on a server that is constantly on the network. The cost of hosting services at the beginning of 2021 starts at $ 20 per year and depends on the resource intensity of your site.

Domain payment.

Subscription fee for the service of renting a domain name (domain address, for example “”), which will refer to your hosting, which hosts the site. The cost of a domain name depends on the domain zone (.com, .ru,, etc.) and starts from $ 5 per year. For example, a domain in the .com zone will cost $ 15 per year, and in the .ua zone – $ 60 per year, subject to the availability of a trademark.