Repair of phones, tablets of the Osokorki metro station (Darnitskiy district)

Repair of phones, tablets, laptops on the Osokorki metro station (Darnytskyi district of Kiev)

Kiev, st. Dniprovskaya Embankment, 25a, second floor of the Business Center.

How to get to us from the Poznyaki metro station?

Clients living in the Poznyaki residential area and wishing to repair phones near the Poznyaki metro station need only walk about three minutes along Petra Grigorenko Avenue, then turn to Anna Akhmatova Street and walk along it for 7 minutes towards the Dnieper Embankment. Our iPhone Repair on Osokorki will be located immediately at the intersection of Anna Akhmatova and Dniprovskaya Naberezhnaya streets. You will see a three-storey business center with a large blue ATB store sign.

To the right and to the left of the facade of the building are the entrances to the BC building, each of which will lead you to office 20, which houses the repair of iPhones on Osokorki.

How to get to us from Osokorki metro station?

It is necessary to proceed from the Osokorki metro station along Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya street in the direction of Bereznyakov for about 15 minutes. The main landmark will be the passage that divides Anna Akhmatova Street. You need to cross to the other side of the road and walk about 20 meters to house no. 25a.

On the facade of the building you will see signs and signs that will easily orient and lead you to our telephone repair in Osokorki.

How to get to us from the Kharkovskaya metro station?

To get to our repair of iPhones in the Darnytskyi district from the Kharkivskaya metro station, you need to follow for about 20 minutes along Nikolai Bazhan Avenue to the Poznyaki metro station, then walk 10 minutes along Petra Grigorenko Street to Anna Akhmatova Street and from Anna Akhmatova Street to the Dnieper Embankment. The last house on the right, No. 25a, will be the address where our telephone repair is located on the Kharkiv array.

How to get to us from Bereznyaki?

You must follow Pavel Tychyna Street and towards Dneprovskaya Naberezhnaya Street and head towards Osokorki metro station to the Business Center with a large blue sign of the ATB store. In this business center, there is a branch of the Ai-Yai-Yai service center, which repairs telephones in Bereznyaki and in the Darnitsa region as a whole.