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Enjoy the Art of Wine Making and the Fine Arts on your Visit to Pazzo di Vino

Truly Pieces of Art!

TItle: Beatriz
Artist: Marina del Pozo, Spain
Artist Commentary: Based on old portraits Styles, a modern rendering for a classical subject. A portrait of my daughter Beatriz, evanescent almost aerial, I wanted to be light and cheerful.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: She is vibrant, floral, delicate, welcoming, but yet with some depth – just like the wines at Pazzo di Vino!


Title: Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797)
Artist: Michael Newton, United Kingdom
Artist Commentary: What would Europe be without its philosophy? Western philosophy has multiplied ideas, with a continuous renewal of its lines of thought : idealism, pragmatism, existentialism, metaphysics… European philosophy has brought its best ideas to politics, ethics, art, mathematics, physics… On the eve of Brexit I have chosen to pay my tribute to this European patrimony by painting distressed portraits of a number of prominent European philosophers.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: A perfect understated portrayal of an overstated mind. She is unabashedly unimpressed with the mundane, keeps her focus on the greater challenge ahead, and provides no external distraction for her internal dynamic. 

Title: Anna
Artist: Jemal Gugunava, United Kingdom
Artist Commentary: What is time? When did this young lady live? Is she living somewhere among us? Does time flow in only one direction? Will she live forever? Do you really want to live forever? Do you know the answer? Can you read it in her eyes?
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: It is the ambiguity of the style, the look, the gaze, that draws you to Anna. Really, nothing is quite right, but yet, you accept her and want to help her define her purpose.


TItle: Georgia O’Keefe, A Woman Who Changed the World Painting
Artist: Ezshwan Winding, Mexico
Artist Commentary: “Colors and shapes make a more definite statement than words.” — Georgia O’Keefe, 1976. Georgia O’Keefe is an American icon, one of the most significant and intriguing artists of the twentieth century, known internationally for her boldly innovative art. Her distinct flowers, dramatic cityscapes, glowing landscapes, and images of bones against the stark desert sky are iconic and original contributions to American Modernism—a style of art that departed significantly from the traditions of the past.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Beyond the flowers and the skulls, perhaps the most poignant Georgia O’Keefe is this powerful close-up of her face, by an artist who once lived in Lake Forest! Georgia’s discernment cannot be questioned, and while her stare is deep, and challenging, you feel her acceptance, as well as her wisdom gained from a lifetime of ground-breaking expression. 


Title: Woman with Red Wine
Artist: Pat Kelley, United States
Artist Commentary: This an original oil painting with a moody, vintage feel of a beautiful woman holding a glass of wine at a dimly lit bar. Shrouded in smoke and mystery, she recalls a long ago era. This painting is part of a series of portraits of women of the 1920’s and 1930’s. From flappers to starlets, I am very inspired by this glamorous and classic era. I kept the brushstrokes and edges soft, melting the figure into her hazy surroundings. This kind of dark, glazed oil painting is especially difficult to photograph without a lot of glare. I tried to capture it from various directions to provide a reasonably accurate sense of the overall painting.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Yes, it is ok to still want to go back in time and be a flapper! And this gem is the perfect advertisement. She makes you want to hold your wine a little differently, fix your posture, and create an aura of intrigue. The essential piece of this art of course – the wine! You always look better with a glass of wine adorning you…

Title: Pandora
Artist: Karolina Masiewicz, Poland
Artist Commentary: In Greek mythology, Pandora is the first woman on Earth that Zeus sent as a punishment for people for Prometheus stolen the gods of fire from Olympus. At the command of Zeus Hephaestus, he made the first woman from the clay and the water, which the cherries and the hills beautifully adorned. Athena taught her homework, Aphrodite gave her beauty, and Hermes shared her character with her: falsehood, falsehood and flattery, and led him to Epimeteus, who took her as his wife against the warnings of his brother Prometheus.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Ah, Pandora. Half a face, but yet somehow a full-bodied portrait. Is she a gift or curse? The reddish stare assures there is much to unpack here, so approach with caution.


Title: Woman in White
Artist: Giselle Ayupova, United States
Artist Commentary: Figurative art oil painting on canvas done from a live model with a beautiful demeanor and reflective mood.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Proud, contemplative, beautiful, and makes a strong statement without resorting to a stark multi-color contrast. Sometimes the subject is all you need…

Title: Luminous
Artist: Kate Longmaid, United States
Artist Commentary: This contemporary portrait was painted from life. The model had such a luminous quality, an inner light that shone from within. 
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: The lightness of and on her face and neck control the piece. What is the source of light – a brighter future? Hope? Optimism? Conviction to move forward on an enlightened path. Whatever it is, this painting makes you want to get there with her.

Title: Frida Kahlo
Artist: Anna Lubchik, Luxembourg
Artist Commentary: None.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Celebrate life like Frida! And drink wine like Larry!

Title: Dama Blanca
Artist: Marina del Pozo, Spain
Artist Commentary: This is a fascinating portrait of ladies of the past, empowered behind beautiful clothes and jewelry. So marvelous a look. A portrait of a woman full of Life and strength. It is awesome for an artist to notice the different looks of the two sides of every face, both the left and right seem to reflect sometimes personalities that are radically different.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: La Dama Blanca is an absolute celebration of color, pomp, and a privileged life. A gorgeous portrait, with the centerpiece of the ruffle serving as an uncomfortable reminder that women had it pretty tough before yoga pants!

Title: Francisco Toledo
Artist: Alfredo Alonso, Mexico
Artist Commentary: Portrait of a Mexican artist.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: I think here we have the original “most interesting man alive.” You crave to hear his stories, and when he tells them, he no doubt does so with a wine in his hand, not a beer. 

Title: Old Miner
Artist: Kopacz Laszlo, Romania
Artist Commentary: I don’t like to talk so much about my work. I feel it’s better when your work is talking for you.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: With simple, thick, black and white strokes, the artist takes you on an intricate journey through all the years this face has seen. A hard laboring life, like the old world winemakers that inspired the DiVito family, which seems matched in full by a subtle grin that is full of life. The artist, and the subject, challenge us all to be this happy after our years of toil. 

Title: Portrait Purple Thom Yorke – Radiohead
Artist: Bazevian DelaCapuciniere, France
Artist Commentary: None.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Self-loathing. A creep. A weirdo. Is he special? Aren’t we all?

Title: Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)
Artist: Michael Newton, United Kingdom
Artist Commentary: None.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: The first existentialist philosopher, it is fitting that Soren Kierkegaard is painted with such passion, and his thoughts and presence are presented akin to a great composer. 

Title: Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962)
Artist: Michael Newton, United Kingdom
Artist Commentary: None
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Caring, but ominous, slightly brooding. and skeptical. What will it take to gain his acceptance?

Title: Pan
Artist: Andrejs Bovtovics, Latvia
Artist CommentaryIn Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Sorry, but Dave, Jim, and Larry, all like him – he’s here to stay!

Title: Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)
Artist: Michael Newton, United Kingdom
Artist Commentary: None.
Pazzo di Vino Commentary: Even back then, you could tell that most men HATED getting dressed up.

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